Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GSP on the Joe Rogan Experience

GSP starts talking about the current round format at 31:32.


  1. I wish the MMA community would clean up their language. All the "fucks", "shits", and "dicks"
    are really unnecessary. I might like my children to learn about MMA, but with this gutter language, I don't want them exposed to that. If you cannot express yourself without all this filthy language, it is just a reflection on you, on your inability to speak cleary. This way of speaking is lazy, shit and fuck are used to replace more descriptive words; if you try, you can find them. Also, the gratuitous drug reference is not appreciated either.

    1. like david said, Joe Rogans pod cast definitely does not represent the UFC. I advise you do not let your children listen in. All in all David pretty much hit the nail on the head with his post.

    2. not everyone is like that. only some people are. don't generalize.

      if you don't want your children to learn the "gutter" language, then do your job as a parent and teach them that using that kind of language is not appropriate.

      eventually, your children will develop into autonomous human-beings and may use profanity all the time or not at all.

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    4. I agree with the first comment. I'm not religious, and I'm not a prude. I almost got kicked out of high school for cursing out teachers. But, that was HIGH SCHOOL. Grown ups learn how to use language expressively. Cursing as descriptive language just makes people sound angry. Dana White sounds like a high school kid when he talks - not an ounce of class in that man.

    5. Agreed. I have a lot of respect for Dana as a businessman, but his inability to articulate himself is irritating at times. I mean look at how he handled the UFC 151 fiasco, it was like a kid who just found out his parents were no longer taking him to the arcade.

  2. You make valid points, but Joe Rogan's podcast doesn't necessarily reflect the entire MMA community. For the most part, MMA promotions try to keep the language PG for their events, but of course, people will be people. I'm not sure the language you would hear while watching an MMA event is much different from what you would hear in the NFL or NBA.

    As far as schools are concerned, no respectable instructor would allow that kind of language -- especially while children are around. If you're shopping around for MMA schools and notice that type of gym, run! Those are not MMA gyms, there are called McDojo's, and are just there to scam you out of your money!


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